Fort Mill, SC: A Hub of Economic Development and Growth

As an expert in economic development, I have seen firsthand the rapid growth and development of Fort Mill, South Carolina. Located just south of Charlotte, North Carolina, this town has become a prime destination for businesses and residents alike. With a population of over 22,000 and a strategic location near major highways and airports, Fort Mill has all the ingredients for success.

The Significance of Economic Development

Before diving into the specific initiatives and programs in Fort Mill, it's important to understand the importance of economic development. Simply put, economic development refers to efforts aimed at improving the economic well-being and quality of life in a community.

This can include creating jobs, attracting new businesses, and increasing overall prosperity. For Fort Mill, economic development is crucial for sustaining its growth and ensuring a high quality of life for its residents. By promoting economic development, the town can create more job opportunities, increase tax revenue, and attract new businesses that can provide goods and services to the community.

The Fort Mill Economic Development Council

One of the main organizations responsible for promoting economic development in Fort Mill is the Fort Mill Economic Development Council (FMEDC). This public-private partnership was established in 1999 with the goal of attracting new businesses and industries to the area. The FMEDC works closely with local government officials, business leaders, and community members to identify opportunities for growth and development. They also provide resources and support for businesses looking to relocate or expand in Fort Mill.

This includes assistance with site selection, workforce development, and access to incentives such as tax credits and grants. The FMEDC has been instrumental in bringing in major companies to Fort Mill, such as LPL Financial, Lash Group, and Red Ventures. These businesses have not only created jobs for the community, but also contributed to the town's economic growth and development.

Business Incentive Programs

In addition to the support provided by the FMEDC, Fort Mill also offers various business incentive programs to attract new businesses and encourage existing ones to expand. These programs are designed to provide financial assistance and other benefits to businesses that meet certain criteria. One of the most notable programs is the Economic Development Incentive Grant (EDIG), which provides grants to businesses that create new jobs and invest in the community. The amount of the grant is based on the number of jobs created and the amount of investment made by the business.

This program has been successful in attracting new businesses to Fort Mill and encouraging existing ones to expand their operations. Another program is the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), which provides low-interest loans to small businesses in Fort Mill. This program is aimed at helping small businesses grow and create jobs, ultimately contributing to the town's economic development.

Infrastructure Improvements

In order for a community to attract new businesses and support economic growth, it's essential to have a strong infrastructure in place. Fort Mill has recognized this and has made significant investments in infrastructure improvements over the years. One of the most notable projects is the Fort Mill Southern Bypass, a new highway that connects Interstate 77 to Highway 160. This project has not only improved traffic flow in the area, but also opened up new areas for development.

The town has also invested in water and sewer infrastructure upgrades, making it easier for businesses to access these essential services.

Collaboration with Local Educational Institutions

Another key aspect of economic development in Fort Mill is the collaboration between local businesses and educational institutions. The town is home to several top-rated schools, including Fort Mill High School and Nation Ford High School, which provide a skilled workforce for businesses in the area. In addition, Fort Mill has partnered with York Technical College to establish the Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM). This facility provides training and education for students interested in pursuing careers in advanced manufacturing, a growing industry in the area. By working closely with educational institutions, Fort Mill is ensuring that its workforce is equipped with the skills needed to support economic growth and development.


In conclusion, Fort Mill, SC has implemented various initiatives and programs to promote economic development in the town.

From the efforts of the FMEDC to business incentive programs and infrastructure improvements, these initiatives have contributed to the town's rapid growth and prosperity. By continuing to prioritize economic development, Fort Mill is well-positioned for continued success and a bright future.

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