The Impact of Technology and Innovation on Economic Development in Fort Mill, SC

Fort Mill, South Carolina is a rapidly growing town located just south of Charlotte, North Carolina. With a population of over 22,000 and a prime location near major highways and airports, Fort Mill has become an attractive destination for businesses and residents alike. In recent years, the town has experienced significant economic growth, thanks in large part to the advancements in technology and innovation.

The Current State of Technology in Fort Mill

Fort Mill has embraced technology and has made significant investments to ensure that the town remains competitive in today's digital age. The town has a robust fiber optic network that provides high-speed internet access to businesses and residents.

This has attracted many tech companies to set up shop in Fort Mill, creating job opportunities and driving economic growth. One of the most notable tech companies in Fort Mill is LPL Financial, a leading provider of investment and wealth management services. LPL Financial's headquarters are located in Fort Mill, and the company employs over 3,000 people in the area. This has not only brought job opportunities but has also boosted the local economy through increased spending by employees. In addition to LPL Financial, other tech companies such as Red Ventures, Movement Mortgage, and Comporium Communications have also established a presence in Fort Mill. These companies have brought high-paying jobs and have helped diversify the local economy.

The Role of Innovation in Economic Development

Innovation is crucial for economic development as it drives growth and creates new opportunities.

Fort Mill has recognized this and has taken steps to foster innovation within the town. One of the most significant initiatives is the creation of Knowledge Park, a 1,000-acre area designated for research and development, technology, and innovation. Knowledge Park is a collaboration between the town of Fort Mill, York County, and Winthrop University. The goal of this project is to attract businesses and entrepreneurs in the fields of technology, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing. The park offers incentives such as tax breaks and grants to encourage companies to set up operations in Fort Mill. One of the most notable companies in Knowledge Park is Movement Mortgage, which has its headquarters in the area.

Movement Mortgage is a leading mortgage lender that has been recognized for its innovative approach to the home loan process. The company's presence in Fort Mill has not only brought jobs but has also helped position the town as a hub for innovation in the mortgage industry.

The Impact on Economic Development

The advancements in technology and innovation have had a significant impact on economic development in Fort Mill. The town has experienced a surge in job growth, with an increase of over 20% in employment since 2010. This has not only reduced unemployment rates but has also attracted a highly skilled workforce to the area. The growth of businesses in Fort Mill has also led to an increase in tax revenue for the town. This has allowed for investments in infrastructure, education, and other essential services, making Fort Mill an attractive place to live and work. Furthermore, the presence of tech companies and the focus on innovation have helped diversify the local economy.

In the past, Fort Mill was primarily known for its textile industry, but now it has become a hub for technology, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing. This diversification has made the town more resilient to economic downturns and has created a more stable economy.

The Future of Economic Development in Fort Mill

The future looks bright for Fort Mill as it continues to embrace technology and innovation. The town's strategic location, coupled with its investments in infrastructure and incentives for businesses, will continue to attract companies and drive economic growth. One of the most exciting developments in Fort Mill is the construction of a new technology park, which will be home to a mix of office, retail, and residential spaces. This project is expected to bring in over 2,000 jobs and generate millions of dollars in tax revenue for the town. In addition to the technology park, Fort Mill is also investing in its downtown area, with plans to revitalize it into a vibrant and walkable community.

This will not only attract more businesses but will also make Fort Mill a more desirable place to live for young professionals and families.


The current state of technology and innovation in Fort Mill has had a significant impact on economic development. The town has experienced job growth, increased tax revenue, and a more diversified economy. With ongoing investments and initiatives, Fort Mill is well-positioned for continued economic success in the future.

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